Workshops & Classes

A variety of programs are offered, depending on the make up and specific needs of each class. Generally, programming is offered for each of the following groups:

YOGA KIDS offers a program that is active and creative, giving your child a sense of centering, balance, and focus, enabling them to learn more effectively, and to cope better with stress. This is done through creative movement, Yoga games and teaching the basic yoga postures thus helping children to stay healthy and agile.

TEEN YOGA offers youth an opportunity to experience how yoga breath and postures can help to develop balance, grace and positive self esteem. Classes take students through a flow of classic postures while focusing on the breath. This is a gentle yet dynamic experience enhances your strength, flexibility and stamina in sports and other activities, with an added bonus of helping you to focus on academics.

GENTLE YOGA provides a general introduction to the novice; learn the basic postures and breathing techniques which will help you to relax or rejuvenate. Classes provide you with an insight into the body/mind/spirit relationship of Kripalu yoga practice, and will adapt to various skill levels, body types, and experience.

MODERATE YOGA gives the opportunity for those who wish to deepen your practice by focusing on alignment of postures and working within more dynamic flow, respecting your body’s wisdom and limitations.

PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS will accommodate the level and the needs of the individual as assessed.

WORKPLACE YOGA provides participants with a sampling of strategies helpful in overcoming the daily stresses related to your environment. The focus here is on gentle stretching and relaxing techniques that bring focus and energy to your work.



Schedule and Price

Class Price
Yoga Kids $30/ session 8 weeks
90 minutes weekly
Chedabucto Place
Adult Yoga
$60 / session 8 weeks
90 minutes weekly
Chedabucto Place
Private Yoga
$30 / class
N/A to be determined to be determined
Teen Yoga
$30 / class
6 weeks
90 minutes weekly to be determined